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Social Media Specialist and Manager

Use our social media specialist / social media manager to embrace your customer via social media so that they can stay comfort with you, like a best friend 🙂

Social media strategy? Yes, we have one. We are advertising on Facebook and we hired a social media manager to tweet our promotions and publish stuff on Facebook. They boost your business through culture, people and social media. -Steven Van Belleghem.


+Tweeting+responding tweets
+Facebook-ing (status, photo-tagging, etc) + responding replies
+Sharing articles to social media (especially Facebook Twitter GooglePlus)
Start from $ 150 @month.

See our works on Social Media Specialist. Contact us for special price !

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According to the caption on the bronze marker placed by the Multnomah Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution on May 12, 1939, “College Hall (is) the oldest building in continuous use for Educational purposes west of the Rocky Mountains. Here were educated men and women who have won recognition throughout the world in all the learned professions.”
She tried not to judge him. His ratty clothes and unkempt hair made him look homeless. Was he really the next Einstein as she had been told? On the off chance it was true, she continued to try not to judge him.
She looked at her student wondering if she could ever get through. “You need to learn to think for yourself,” she wanted to tell him. “Your friends are holding you back and bringing you down.” But she didn’t because she knew his friends were all that he had and even if that meant a life of misery, he would never give them up.